Get your green card through an EB2 national interest waiver visa

A highly qualified professional profile is a short route to obtaining an American residency.

The EB2 NIW visa is for all types of professionals who have higher education or vast verifiable experience.

What is the EB2 NIW visa?

The EB2 visa with the exception of national interest, is one of the three subcategories of the EB2 visa. It is also the most striking because it does not require a job offer or a sponsor. It is considered a first base to obtain permanent residence.

What are the benefits of the EB2 NIW visa?

Work in a field of action that impacts a specific community

Study and research a detailed project

Apply American residency sooner

Immigrate with your core family, allowing them to acquire similar benefits 

Requirements to apply for the EB2 NIW visa

Below you will find a list of possibilities, from which the candidate for the EB2 NIW visa must guarantee a minimum of three of these requirements.

Important: The EB2 NIW candidate’s profile can be formed over time; if this visa suits your goals and you think you can adjust to it, we invite you to contact us, and we can guide you through this process.


Professionals need five years of experience in the field.  Non-professionals must demonstrate over ten years. 

High salary

The average salary received by the candidate must be higher than other professionals in the same professional rank.


Be a member of an association that itself requires some specifications for membership.


In absence of experience, the participant requires a master’s or doctorate in the industry.


Awards or recognition obtained when influencing communities or industries. Likewise, must be a character of importance in a team or company. The award may vary according to the professional profile of the candidate.

Experience educating

Have experience evaluating theses and high-level programs, also if the candidate was a jury associate, or an influential professional in the industry, creating seminars and academic programs.


Have led a critical role, making the candidate an intangible and invaluable talent. Being recognized in the industry also makes you a leader.

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