H1B visa – US work visa 

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The H1B visa is an alternative for American companies to recruit foreign talent with specialized occupations that contribute to the company’s development. 

You are the company

The foreign worker with a specialized talent provides different know-how, which beneficially contributes to all areas of the company.

  • They provide knowledge about global markets, this being helpful for the expansion strategy. 
  • Hiring a foreign employee creates a loyal and lasting employment relationship. 
  • They share their experience and promote the creation of new business relationships. 
  • They can share their geo-cultural background and could be beneficial to the core of the business. 
  • Implementing another language and culture in the company contributes to the diversification of human talent. 

You become the sponsor of a qualified professional coming to the United States.

  • Have established working conditions. 
  • The company is legally incorporated in the United States. 
  • The company must be willing to provide the information to carry out the request since the outcome of the process depends on it. 
  • The company acts as a sponsor of the foreign talent that will be hired. 
  • The company needs to be clear about why this new talent is necessary for the US company and needs to demonstrate to the Department of Labor that the candidate is a specialized employee and necessary to occupy the position. 

You are the candidate

The H1B visa is a visa for those professionals who wish to practice in a specialized field. You can be a petitioner if you have an employer and have any of the qualifications solicited.

  • The visa allows you to live in the United States 
  • It is a renewable visa for up to 6 years. 
  • Your family can immigrate with you. 
  • Your spouse can study. 
  • Your children under 21 can go to school. 
  • You can enter and leave the country using only your ID. 
  • You have merit and influence in a company. 
  • Your aptitudes are distinguished, and you have demonstrable developed projects. 
  • Your profile highlights highly specialized knowledge.


Loigica will evaluate your academic profile to determine if you can apply for the H1B visa. 
The candidate has to have at least a professional degree or should be a student in the last year. 

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