Could you qualify for the “Einstein” green card?

Einstein green card: 3 minutes read It’s as impressive as it sounds: the Einstein green card is the most prestigious green card category in the US, and it is reserved for people who possess extraordinary ability in any of the following fields: Science Arts Education Business Athletics It’s a very coveted and unique form of […]

Applying for a National Interest Waiver in the Tech Industry

NIW in tech industry

NIW in tech industry: 2 minutes read Often, we see STEM professionals apply for work-related visas such as H1B. While H1B is an incredible visa program for foreign nationals, sometimes applicants experience frustration due to the application, which depends on their employers, rather than themselves. In the case that a professional foreign national wants to […]

American Immigration Resumes Momentum as New US Citizenship Hits 15-year High

American Immigration

American immigration – 2 minutes read According to a new article by the New York Times, nearly one million immigrants became Americans in 2022 after the pandemic delayed the process and prevented hundreds of thousands of people from voting in the 2020 election. Notably, this foreign-born surge in American citizens highlights an important trend to […]

Tips to Prepare for your Marriage Visa Interview

tips marriage visa Interview

Tips marriage Visa Interview: 2 minutes read *This article does not guarantee a successful interview and issuance of a marriage visa. One of the most crucial steps of the marriage interview process is the interview with a USCIS agent. The reason this meeting is so important is that the petitioning spouse and the foreign national […]

Marriage Visas for Same-Sex Couples

Visas Same-Sex Couples

Visas Same-Sex Couples: 2 minutes read It’s #PrideMonth, so we would like to take the time to discuss options for immigration for same-sex couples. Since the Obama administration, same-sex marriage rights have been subject to review and consideration by homeland security. The decree reads the following: Statement from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on […]

What you need to know about doing business in the U.S.

Doing business in US:

Doing business in US: 2 minutes read Did you know that the United States is the largest destination for foreign direct investment in the world? Thanks to government initiatives and various programs in place. The US has become a hub of foreign investment that continues to innovate, grow, and prosper. There has never been a […]

Lo que necesitas saber sobre cómo hacer negocios en los EE. UU.

Hacer negocios en USA: 2 minutos de lectura ¿Sabías que Estados Unidos es el mayor destino de inversión extranjera directa en el mundo? Gracias a iniciativas gubernamentales y diversos programas en marcha. Estados Unidos se ha convertido en un centro de inversión extranjera que continúa innovando, creciendo y prosperando. Nunca ha habido un mejor momento […]

A Look at the Top 3 Countries for E2 Visas

Top countries E2 visa

Top countries E2 visa: 3 minutes read By now, you likely know that E2 visas come with their own set of interesting criteria specifically focused on investment. What you might not know is where these investors typically come from around the world. We have already clarified that passive investments do not qualify for E2 visas, […]

Cuáles son los 3 principales países con más para visas E2

Países con visas E2: 3 minutes read A estas alturas, probablemente sepas que las visas E2 vienen con su propio conjunto de criterios interesantes centrados específicamente en la inversión. Lo que quizás no sepas es de dónde vienen estos inversores en todo el mundo. Ya hemos aclarado que las inversiones pasivas no califican para las […]