Personal Plan Vs. Business Plan

The E2 Visa has its complexities when it regards non-treaty countries. Learn how to obtain an E2 Visa in a non-treaty country and the details of how to get there.

May Chinese Nationals invest in Florida?

May Chinese Nationals Invest In Florida: 3 minutes read Recently, LOIGICA Immigration Attorneys, has received many inquiries about Chinese Nationals investing in Florida, particularly regarding a new Florida State Senate Bill, that has been signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, and promptly enacted into law. We understand, upon initial review, this can appear complex and may […]

Can H-1B dependents legally work in the US?

H1B dependents legally work

H1B dependents legally work: 3 minutes read H1B visas are awarded each year based on a variety of factors, and they are a visa program that is strictly linked to employment at American companies.    You might know that H1B visa recipients can travel to the U.S. to work a specific job as part of […]

A Timeline of the Typical H-1B Visa Process

Timeline H1B Visa Process

What are us National Interest Projects | EB2 Visa: 3 minutes read The demand for H1B visas is very high. It is for this reason that they are limited to a maximum issuance each year. Depending upon the type of application you are filing—regular, premium, or expedited—the timeline of the typical H1B visa process can take several […]