May Chinese Nationals invest in Florida?

May Chinese Nationals Invest In Florida: 3 minutes read Recently, LOIGICA Immigration Attorneys, has received many inquiries about Chinese Nationals investing in Florida, particularly regarding a new Florida State Senate Bill, that has been signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, and promptly enacted into law. We understand, upon initial review, this can appear complex and may […]

Can H1B dependents legally work in the US?

H1B dependents legally work

H1B dependents legally work: 3 minutes read H1B visas are awarded each year based on a variety of factors, and they are a visa program that is strictly linked to employment at American companies.    You might know that H1B visa recipients can travel to the U.S. to work a specific job as part of […]

A Timeline of the Typical H1B Visa Process

Timeline H1B Visa Process

What are us National Interest Projects | EB2 Visa: 3 minutes read The demand for H1B visas is very high. It is for this reason that they are limited to a maximum issuance each year. Depending upon the type of application you are filing—regular, premium, or expedited—the timeline of the typical H1B visa process can take several […]

What you need to know about transferring your H1B visa:

Transferring your H1B visa

Transferring your H1B visa: 3 minutes read The application, selection, and approval process for H1B applicants can be downright daunting. It’s no wonder that once a candidate receives the visa, they are overwhelmingly relieved. However, sometimes company plans change, and employees can be notified that their role is being terminated or the position is being […]

How immigration can positively impact growth problems in America

Immigration can impact America

Immigration can impact America: 3 minutes read Economists broadly agree that population growth fuels economic growth in wealthy countries, and lately, you may have seen headlines about declining birth rates and census figures showing the lowest growth rate since the 1930s.   Some young Americans have opted to not have children, or cannot, and some […]

Understanding the E1 Visa

Understanding the E1 Visa

The E1 is a great opportunity for foreign nationals. In this passage, understand the importance of the E1 Visa and its unique details, requirements, and complexities.