You can be a permanent resident due to your extraordinary ability

The EB1 visa is special for people with outstanding professional profiles.

What is the EB1 visa and its requirements?

There are three varieties in the EB1 category – identify the one that fits your profile.


Opportunity for people with extraordinary abilities. Artists, athletes, doctors, professors, and influencers are among the many professions that can apply for this type of visa. The EB1A category does not require a job offer.


Opportunity for professors and researchers with extraordinary aptitudes. The EB1B category requires a job offer.


Opportunity for influential multinational executives and managers in the workplace with specific knowledge. The EB1C category requires a job offer. 

What are the requirements of the EB1 visa?

  • You have obtained recognized awards or prizes for excellence. 
  • You are a member of an association where you need outstanding achievements to join. 
  • You have published relevant material in mean media. 
  • You have been a judge of the work of someone or in a delegation. 
  • You have evidence of your most valuable original contributions in the specialized field.* 
  • You have written relevant articles or papers for influential media or professional trade publications. 
  • You have exhibited your work in showcases or art exhibitions. 
  • You have played a leadership or critical role in large companies. 
  • You have earned a high salary or received high compensation compared to others in the field. 
  • You are successful in the performing arts, and you can demonstrate it. 

*(scientific, academic, artistic, sports, or business-related). 

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