EMPLOYMENT visas in the United States

Job opportunities (You need a sponsor or employer)

Visas through employment 

This is the best opportunity for scientists actors researchers artists engineers

H1B visas

Is an alternative for American companies to recruit foreign talent with specialized occupations.

Labor certification PERM

At Loigica, we help the employee obtain the US labor certification.

L1 visas

The L1 visa is an opportunity to work on what you are passionate about.

EB1 visas

The EB1 visa is special for people with outstanding professional profiles.​

EB2 visas - National Interest Waiver

A highly qualified professional profile is a short route to obtaining an American residency.

Green card

The permanent resident card or green card allows a foreigner to live and work inside the United States.

Living legally in the United States is within your reach. Click on the categories above to learn more about the different visas you can obtain to start your life in North America.