Investment visas in the United States

Invest and reside in the United States with the Investment Visa

The Investment visa category is designed for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to expand or start a business in the United States.  We present the following options for you to apply to the best option.

There are multiple ways to invest and live in the United States: real estate business franchises new business expansion business

E2 visas

A visa category for people who want to create a company or expand a business in the US.

EB5 visas

Immigrant investors obtain American residency through investment with the EB5 visa.

Green card

The permanent resident card or green card allows a foreigner to live and work inside the United States.

There are multiple ways to invest in the United States and start your immigration process, many successful options are: Franchises, developing new businesses, business expansion, and real estate.