E2 Visa – Investment visas

Develop and expand your business by investing in the United States

This special visa allows you to invest in your future within the United States. Expand your business, create a company, or purchase a franchise in a country filled with opportunity.  

What is the E2 visa?  

The E2 Visa is a unique investment visa that allows you the opportunity to invest, develop, expand, or create your business within the United States. This visa falls under the non-immigrant category, allowing you to reside in the U.S., with the option to renew indefinitely if your company is operating and generating employment. 

What are the E2 visa benefits? 

Work and reside in the United States.
Purchase property or a vehicle for business or personal use.
Immediate family eligible to reside, work, and study in the U.S.

What are the E2 visa requirements?

Hold citizenship of a country that has a signed treaty of commerce and navigation with the U.S.

Invested or be actively investing in a significant amount of capital in a United States bona fide enterprise.

Enter the U.S. to fully develop and manage the investment and company.

Must show at least 50% of company ownership or obtain control of operations by director, manager, or other corporate position.

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