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Obtain your American residency through the EB2 Visa for National Interest
A visa for all types of professionals who have higher education and verifiable experience. In general, a highly qualified professional chooses this route to obtain US residency.

The green card for international professionals seeking to work and reside in the United States

What is the EB2 NIW visa?

The EB2 National Interest Visa (NIW) is one of three subcategories of the EB2 (Second Preference Employment-Based Immigration Visa) process. This does not require a sponsor, meaning that you do not need a US employer or immediate family member to apply to enter the United States.  
It is a process to which professionals from different industries with a high level of academic training can apply.  What makes a person eligible is not the profession itself, but a combination of the requirements and the proposed endeavor, which is in the national interest.

What benefits does the EB2 offer for the national interest?

The applicant applies for American residence immediately.
You will be able to study, work and research on your own or specific project that impacts a community or industry.
Does not require a labor certification. The applicant is the same as the petitioner.
No need of high amount of investment.
You can immigrate with the family nucleus, allowing immediate family members to acquire similar benefits.

What is needed to apply for an EB2 in the national interest?

Have a graduate degree or academic degree with a minimum of five years of experience.

The applicant must prove that they have a work proposal (proposed endeavor) with substantial merit and national importance.

Must be a professional well positioned to advance in the development of this initiative.

Evidence must be provided to demonstrate to the United States government that it is beneficial to the country for the applicant to enter without the requirement of a job offer.

The American government balances the work proposal that evaluates the positive and negative factors. This is to protect American workers.

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