Invest in the United States and obtain your American residency

Immigrant investors obtain American residency through investment and job creation with the EB5 visa.

What is the EB5 visa?

The EB5 visa is an immigrant visa category. It allows the applicant to obtain permanent residency through their investment. Applicant mus fulfill the requirements mentioned below

What are the benefits of the EB5 visa?

Obtaining American residency (green card)

Creation or expansion of a business

The investor’s core family can study and work

Buy real estate for business or personal use

Work and generate employment in your business

Residency extends to them

Requirements to apply for the EB5 visa

Present a business plan with reasonable predictions that benefit the geographical area the investor wants to impact. 

The investment must have:

The investment capital program must promote economic growth and job creation in the United States.


*TEA: Targeted Employment Areas (areas in need of work) 

Investment opportunities 

Create or buy a company 

Acquire an American franchise 

Expand your business in the US

Invest in real estate 

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