K1 Fiancé visa – visas through family

Establish your future in the United States with the love of your life! 

The fiancé visa is one of the fastest ways to obtain an American residency and begin a life in the United States with your partner. However, the intention of this request must be for a relationship based on authentic love and partnership.

What is the K1 visa?

The K1 visa is designed for a foreigner engaged to an American citizen who is seeking to reside in the United States and establish a future as one. 

What are the benefits of the K1 visa?

Following marriage, you may apply for permanent residence
Once processing is complete, applicant is eligible to work and study
Children under 21 years of age may reside in the U.S.

What is needed to apply for an EB2 in the national interest?

Fiancé petitioner must be an American citizen.

Evidence must show having physically met at least once in the last two years.

Upon entering the United States, the couple must legally be able to get married within the first 90 days.

Provide all evidence of a strong and lasting relationship, such as: Photos, conversations, travel reservations, shared accounts, etc.

If you are not an American citizen but are a permanent resident, and you want the love of your life to live with you in the United States. 

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