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Become a permanent resident through your extraordinary ability

The EB1 A visa is designed for people with outstanding professional profiles and extraordinary aptitudes.  Artists, athletes, doctors, speakers, and digital influencers are among the many professions that can apply for this type of visa

What is the EB1 A?

The EB1 A visa is one of three subcategories of the EB1 process (First Preference Employment-Based Immigration Visa). This does not require a US employer.  

It is a process in which some extraordinary aptitude in the sciences, arts, education, business, or sports must be demonstrated through ongoing or international recognition. 

What benefits does the EB1 A offer?

The applicant immediately applies for American residency.
Does not require a job offer in the United States.
No specific education or work experience requirements.
Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 are eligible to immigrate to the United States with applicant.

What is needed to apply for an EB1 A?

Eligibility Criteria: 

Have obtained recognized prizes or awards for excellence.

Be a member of an association that you need outstanding achievements to be a part of.

You have published relevant material on the field of experience, in the main media.

You have been asked to judge someone's work or in a delegation.

You have evidence of your most valuable original contributions in the specialized field (scientific, academic, artistic, sports or business related)

You have written relevant articles or documents for major professional media or trade publications.

You have exhibited your work in showcases or art exhibitions.

You have played a leadership or critical role in large companies.

You have earned a high salary or received high compensation compared to others in the field.

You are successful in the performing arts and can show it.

You have earned a high salary or received high compensation compared to others in the field.

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