What’s the required investment amount for an E-2 Visa?

What’s the required investment amount for an E-2 Visa?

What’s the required investment amount for an E2 Visa?:  2 minutes read

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards entrepreneurial success in the land of opportunity? This blog post is your passport to all the information you need to know about this espectacular visa option!

What is the E-2 Investor Visa?

The E2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign nationals from a treaty country to enter the United States with the intent of investing and managing an American company. One of the key requirements for obtaining an E-2 Visa is making a substantial investment in a qualifying and operating business.

What is the substantial investment requirement?

To be eligible for the E2 Visa, an applicant must make a substantial investment in a bona fide enterprise. While the United States specifies the E2 Visa minimum investment amount is $100,000 USD, the investment must be substantial and in direct relation to the total cost of purchasing or creating the enterprise. This means that the investment should be enough to ensure a successful operation.

How can you demonstrate a substantial investment?

Now, here comes the interesting part, which is proving that your investment is the real deal! You want the U.S. authorities to see that you mean business, correct?

This is how, in four simple steps:

1. Investment Proportion: Your investment should hold a significant portion of the total capital required to establish or purchase the business. Traditionally, investments over 50% of the total capital are typically more popular.


2. Business Plan: A comprehensive business plan that outlines your investment strategy, financial projections, and job creation plans can help prove the seriousness of your investment.


3. Financial Records: Providing documentation of your investment, such as bank statements, purchase agreements, and invoices, can support your application.


4. Legal Assistance: Consulting with an immigration attorney experienced in E2 Visa applications can be invaluable in ensuring that your investment meets the necessary criteria.

What are some factors that may influence the investment amount of an E2 visa?

1. Type of Business: The nature of the business significantly impacts the required investment amount. A small service-based business may require a lower investment in comparison to a large operational business.



2. Location: The cost of living and doing business varies across different regions of the United States. Therefore, the investment amount may be higher in expensive cities like New York or San Francisco compared to more affordable areas in other parts of the country.



3. Industry: Certain industries may require more substantial investments because of higher startup and operational costs. One example being a high-tech startup that might require more capital than a retail store.



4. Job Creation: There is a huge emphasis on job creation for American workers with the E2 visa. Generally, the more jobs your business can create, the more likely it is that your investment will be considered substantial in the eyes of the United States.


Ready to make your mark in the USA?



The E2 Visa is your gateway to making your dreams as an entrepreneur come true in the United States! With a set minimum investment amount of $100,000 USD, it is important to keep in mind that your investment should be screaming “extremely serious commitment” to your business. Learn more about your business qualifying for an E2 visa and seek out the assistance of immigration pros just like our team of attorney’s here at Loigica to boost your chances of success!

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