tips marriage visa Interview

Tips to Prepare for your Marriage Visa Interview

tips marriage visa Interview

Tips to Prepare for your Marriage Visa Interview

Tips Marriage Visa Interview: 3 minutes read

*This article does not guarantee a successful interview and issuance of a marriage visa.


One of the most crucial steps of the marriage interview process is the interview with a USCIS agent. The reason this meeting is so important is that the petitioning spouse and the foreign national applicant must prove to the USCIS officer that the marriage is real and valid.


While married couples should not feel threatened by this type of interview, The high stakes that are tied to the meeting have a significant impact on all marriages. Bringing an immigration attorney to your interview is not necessary, but they can help practice with you and coach you through best practices for interview success.


Keep in mind, that the USCIS officers are examining relationships all day, every day, and they are aware that some people try to use the marriage visa as a means to legally enter the US.


In fact, it’s an illegal paid business for those who partake in a falsified marriage for green card purposes. That’s why the best thing couples can do before heading into the interview is to prepare.

Have a visual record of your relationship.

  • Picture together, with each other’s families (when applicable)
  • Romantic notes from the holidays
  • Other mementos will assist in telling the story of your relationship with your case officer.


💡Keep in mind: that the person interviewing you knows nothing about you, and has a very serious job of snuffing out the real from the fake.

Any couple will have cherished moments that they are able to visually share.


Organize your supporting documents:

Your application will have many parts, and while the case officer should have copies of everything requested for your file, it is a good idea to have backup copies in case a piece of paper goes missing.


After all, human error is very real, and a missed document or incomplete record could hurt you big time.

Keep it simple:

Your case officer will ask varying questions about your relationship together.

Going down long-winded tales full of detail might feel the right way to go, but keeping your answers clear, simple, and honest will make sure your case worker understands what you are trying to say.


Remember: Your marriage visa interview relies heavily on the mood and demeanor of your case worker.


However, when you have the story of your relationship organized, prepared, and able to clearly communicate to your officer.


You will have a much more effective experience than someone who shows up frazzled, missing documents, and rambling on for hours.


Tips marriage Visa Interview


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