Exploring your immigration options beyond the H-1B lottery

Exploring your immigration options beyond the H-1B lottery

Last month, the H1B lottery program, organized annually by USCIS, concluded and awarded 85,000 H1B visas to foreign workers accepting job offers here in the United States. Because this is a competitive and popular visa program, there is a likelihood that many people applied for the H1B visa and were not selected. So, what options are available to these applicants?

Let’s dive in!

Explore other visa types you might qualify for

Depending on where you live and what your professional history is, you could try applying for the O-1 visa (also known as the talent visa, based on extraordinary efforts in science, business, or the arts), an L-1 visa (position change within an existing company, which could transfer you to the US), or a J-1 or F-1 visa (also known as a student visa) if you want to widen your professional training and expertise. In fact, strengthening your academic profile with a Master’s Degree and gaining additional experience can make you a very viable candidate for the next year’s lottery.

Browse geographic specific visas.

Depending on your home country of residence, international visas are created for several global countries such as Australia, Mexico, and Canada. An E-3 is very similar to an H1B, but only offered to Australian citizens. And for citizens of the countries that share a border with the United States, Mexico, and Canada, there is a U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) that contains a list of occupations that qualify for the TN Visa. 

Remain positive

Remember that you are not alone in the pool of applicants who were not selected–in fact, there are H1B applicants who have applied several times and have not had the luck of selection. Speaking with an attorney who specializes in immigrant visas could offer additional insights and visa options available to you.

The H1B visa is an alternative for American companies to recruit foreign talent with specialized occupations that contribute to the company’s development, but as you have learned, not everyone who applies for this type of visa receives it.

Our attorneys offer a variety of guidance and expertise on the American immigration journey– contact us today for a consultation and explore what options you may have available to you.

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