Step-by-step guide for Healthcare Professionals Interested in the National Interest Waiver

Step-by-step guide for Healthcare Professionals Interested in the National Interest Waiver

Healthcare Professionals NIW: 4 minutes read

In a nutshell…

  1. Ensure you meet the NIW requirements by having an advanced degree or exceptional ability in fields like healthcare, meeting US interests. 
  2. Compile all supporting documents showcasing your professional achievements and work with an attorney to highlight the need for your skills in the US. 
  3. Craft a personal statement detailing your motivation, goals, and specific contributions you aim to make in the US healthcare industry. 
  4. Fill out Form I-140 with the guidance of an NIW attorney to apply as a foreign worker. 
  5. Await USCIS review, prepare for possible additional evidence requests, and proceed with status adjustment or consular processing upon approval.

There are many visa programs that exist today in the United States. There are so many choices that we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right one. It can be disappointing, even if you are part of a very specific niche, such as healthcare. But you are not alone. We want to shed some light on a particular pathway for healthcare professionals seeking to reside in the United States: the National Interest Waiver (NIW)

This exciting program created by the U. S. Government is specifically aimed at granting permanent residency to professionals who can bring a specific level of expertise and a global advantage to the United States. But it is also aimed at attracting foreign professionals to areas of need in the U. S. economy, such as healthcare workers. 

Here, we have a step-by-step guide to support healthcare professionals looking to emigrate on the NIW.

Step #1: Meet the requirements

Pretty straightforward, but let’s review what the requirements are: Applicants for the NIW must have an advanced degree or exceptional ability in their field and meet a US need or interest. Healthcare workers are currently an area that the United States is looking to hire and expand, and the healthcare industry directly affects the wellbeing of American citizens. This makes the NIW an ideal avenue for professionals looking to live in the U. S. 

Step #2: Get the evidence together

Gather all supporting material you have that speaks to your credibility and overall abilities. Degrees, recognition, awards, research, and any other work you have completed should be included. This speaks to your professional capabilities and your exceptional ability as a candidate. At the same time, you should work with an NIW immigration attorney to compile evidence that supports the need for you as a candidate. Look for news focused on healthcare worker shortages and other bulletins that demonstrate the value of a foreign professional coming to fill the role in the United States.  

Step #3: Tell your story

Personal statements are the avenue where you can tell your story–talk about what inspired you to become a medical professional, what problems you are looking to solve, and what you hope to see your industry evolve to be. Be general, but also outline some specifics–namely around what you will be able to accomplish by living and working in the United States.

Step #4: Complete necessary forms

Namely, you need to complete the Form I-140, which is an immigrant petition to be a foreign worker. Your NIW attorney can advise you on completing this form fully and competitively. 

Step #5: Be patient

Once you’ve completed these steps, your case will be in the hands (and at the queue) of U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once received and in the hands of an agent, they will review it and decide. Be aware that sometimes you will be requested to provide additional evidence, this is called a Request for Evidence (RFE), but not always. If approved, you can then apply for adjustment of status (if you’re already in the U. S.) or consular processing (if you’re outside the U. S.) to obtain your green card. 

 If you are a healthcare worker interested in exploring the NIW, contact our office today and we can begin to guide you on your journey.

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