Professions Behind the EB2 NIW

The E2 Visa has its complexities when it regards non-treaty countries. Learn how to obtain an E2 Visa in a non-treaty country and the details of how to get there.

H1B Visa Alternatives

H1B Visa Alternatives: 3 minutes read The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa specifically tailored to foreign workers in specialty occupations who seek to utilize their knowledge and expertise while working and residing in the United States. What is the H1B annual cap and visa lottery? Given the highly competitive nature of this program, an […]

What are US National Interest Projects? | EB2 Visa

What are us National Interest Projects | EB2 Visa: 3 minutes read A special type of immigration opportunity exists for foreign nationals who can directly contribute to National Interest projects here in the United States. But, what are these special projects, and how does someone qualify? Let’s explore how you can obtain the National Interest […]

Could you qualify for the “Einstein” green card?

Einstein green card: 3 minutes read It’s as impressive as it sounds: the Einstein green card is the most prestigious green card category in the US, and it is reserved for people who possess extraordinary ability in any of the following fields: Science Arts Education Business Athletics It’s a very coveted and unique form of […]