Professions Behind the EB-2 NIW

Professions Behind the EB-2 NIW

Professions Behind the EB2 NIW:  2 minutes read

The United States has long been a land of opportunity for professionals worldwide, with the EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) visa serving as a prominent pathway for foreign professionals to advance their careers while contributing to the development of the United States. Throughout this passage, we will explore the common professions that apply for the EB2 NIW visa to contribute to the growth of the nation.

Understanding the EB2 NIW Visa

Before delving into the professions, let’s understand the EB2 NIW visa. This specially designed visa falls under the category of employment-based immigration and uniquely bypasses the labor certification process traditionally  required for employment-based green cards. To be considered eligible, applicants must showcase their significant contributions to the United States and possess either advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in their industry.

Professions that Commonly Apply for the EB2 NIW Visa

1. Scientists and Researchers: The U.S. is a global research hub attracts scientists in fields like biotechnology, medical research, and environmental science. The EB2 NIW visa enables individuals to contribute to groundbreaking research.

2. Engineers: Engineers, specializing in civil engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science, are essential to national infrastructure and groundbreaking advancements, making them highly sought after.

3. Medical Professionals: The EB2 NIW visa also seeks healthcare specialists, surgeons, and doctors that address American healthcare needs, that facilitate their expertise in underserved areas across the US.

4. Entrepreneurs: Innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders are eligible to apply for the EB2 NIW visa, stimulating job creation and economic growth through their contributions to the economy on a nationwide standpoint.

5. Artists and Creative Professionals: Dancers, musicians, filmmakers, and creative professionals enrich American culture. These individuals may apply for the EB2 NIW visa by demonstrating how their work serves the national interest.

6. Educators and Academics: Professors, researchers, and educators passionate about sharing their knowledge can pursue this special visa. Their contributions to education and research build the United States intellectual capital.

The EB2 NIW Proposed Endeavor

While the EB2 NIW visa offers opportunities across various fields, a well-defined and impactful proposed endeavor is crucial for success on your journey. The U.S. government seeks to ensure that an applicant’s work genuinely benefits the prosperity of the nation in substantial ways.


The EB2 NIW visa opens doors for professionals across diverse fields to pursue their careers in the United States while simultaneously benefiting the nation. While many careers may apply for this visa, a compelling proposed endeavor remains the key to a successful application. Utilizing skills, education, abilities, and passion allows professionals to contribute to the national interest of the United States. LOIGICA immigration attorneys encourage you to explore the possibilities of the EB2 NIW visa for your career growth, contact us today to begin your case!

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