Carlos Espinosa, Director of LOIGICA Colombia

Carlos Espinosa, Immigration Lawyer

Carlos Espinosa is a Colombian lawyer with a specialization in International Business Law and studies in the immigration field of the United States.


 As the Director of LOIGICA Colombia and immigration attorney, he effectively leads the firm’s operations team and works closely with clients to provide care tailored to their individual needs.  


Carlos has extensive experience in business law, business creation and projection, investment visas in the United States, as well as family and employment petitions and through professional talent.  Carlos is also known for his empathy with clients and his ability to put himself in their shoes and provide effective solutions to their concerns.


As a sign of his commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental care, Carlos was a forerunner of the Agua y Arena Foundation, dedicated to humanitarian causes, where he stood out promoting the recycling of materials to help women victims of violence through handicraft fabric and other supplies for practical use.


Fluent in English and Spanish, attorney Carlos Espinosa is prepared to assist businesses and individuals in the field of immigration law and lead them to achieve success and growth in the United States. 

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