Five Steps to American Permanent Residency

Five Steps to American Permanent Residency

Five steps to american permanent residency: 3 minutes read

For many immigrants, obtaining permanent residency is a primary objective. In this blog, we will dive into the necessary steps to obtain American Permanent Residency, also known as a Green Card, in the United States. This comprehensive guide will provide helpful information for those seeking to take the next step into this process. 

1) Identify your Immigration Path

The first step is to assess whether you are eligible to apply for permanent residency. Common pathways to obtain a Green Card include employment, talent, investment, and family. Understanding your eligibility and requirements is crucial to following the appropriate process for the best possible outcome, that is why we recommend working with a skilled immigration attorney throughout your process. 

2) Gather Documents

Once you have determined your eligibility, it is a crucial step to gather the necessary documentation to support your application. This may include birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, evidence of family relationships, employment or investment proof, medical reports, criminal records, and any other documents required based on your specific case. 

3) Submit Petition or Application

The next step in the process is submitting the corresponding petition or application to the United States immigration. Depending on your eligibility, qualifications, or path you are seeking, this could involve filing a family, employment, talent, or investment application or petition. It is important that you complete all forms accurately and provide the required documentation, abiding by all rules and regulations. 

4) Stay Informed for Updates on Your Case

Once you have submitted your petition or application, you will then receive a case number. Use this number to regularly track the progress of your case through the channels designated by immigration authorities. Stay informed and be prepared to provide any additional documentation or undergo interviews if necessary. 

5) Receive Case Notice

After completing all the steps listed above, all that remains is to await the decision of the immigration authorities regarding your application for permanent residency. If you receive a notice that your application is approved, you will be advised to collect your Green Card. This document will grant you the status of a permanent resident in the United States and allows you to work and live in the country on a permanent basis.  


Obtaining permanent residency in the United States involves following a series of steps and meeting specific eligibility requirements based on each category. Consulting with an experienced immigration attorney is highly recommended for a successful outcome in your case, and LOIGICA’s team of professionals will provide guidance throughout every step in your process and journey to the United States. LOIGICA is your solution for United States Immigration. 

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