What are US National Interest Projects? | EB-2 Visa

What are US National Interest Projects? | EB-2 Visa

What are us National Interest Projects | EB2 Visa: 3 minutes read

A special type of immigration opportunity exists for foreign nationals who can directly contribute to National Interest projects here in the United States. But, what are these special projects, and how does someone qualify? Let’s explore how you can obtain the National Interest Waiver (NIW) through national interest projects in America.

One prime example of a national interest project is the United Nations Sustainable Development (SD) initiative, a program in which the United States has expressed its commitment in participation. 

The initiative consists of seventeen goals that directly impact the quality of life and prosperity of humankind and the planet. Some of these goals can be directly linked to business initiatives here in the United States, or that a foreign investor could help develop through EB2 NIW visa programs and funding. 

For example, these are a few of the UN goals the US is working towards where your business or professional aptitude may be of value: 

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Opening an enterprise in the United States that can directly positively impact the annual growth of GDP per capita and per employed person, average earning wages of males and females, or decrease the unemployment rate.  

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Contribute to the professional researcher population of the United States, bring medium or high-tech industry value to local infrastructure, or impact the proportion of manufacturing employment opportunities in rural areas.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Contribute to balance the ratio of land consumption rate to population rate, serve to preserve and protect cultural and national heritage. 

Responsible Production and Consumption

Implement and practice sustainable consumption and production (SCP), positively impact/reduce the amount of hazardous waste or offsets, improve the national recycling rate, and publish sustainability reports with transparent reporting on commercial practices and impacts. 

There are a total of 17 goals by the UN that countries are actively working towards and reporting on. Browse the full US UNSD list, including sub-goals with statistics in progress or searching for data sources that might be an opportunity for you to take action and relate to a UN goal on behalf of the United States. 

If you’re interested in exploring national interest waivers and opportunities in the United States, contact our attorneys for guided expertise on the path toward an EB2 NIW.  

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