Professions Behind the EB-2 NIW

The E2 Visa has its complexities when it regards non-treaty countries. Learn how to obtain an E2 Visa in a non-treaty country and the details of how to get there.

Visa Opportunities for Non-immigrants to Obtain the Green Card

Visa opportunities for non-immigrants to obtain the green card: 3 minutes read The United States has long been a center of opportunity for individuals around the world seeking to build a new life. For non-immigrants who dream of obtaining permanent residency, there are several visa options available. We have created this blog to help individuals […]

American Immigration Resumes Momentum as New US Citizenship Hits 15-year High

American immigration – 2 minutes read According to a new article by the New York Times, nearly one million immigrants became Americans in 2022 after the pandemic delayed the process and prevented hundreds of thousands of people from voting in the 2020 election. Notably, this foreign-born surge in American citizens highlights an important trend to […]