Five Steps to American Permanent Residency

Five steps to american permanent residency: 3 minutes read For many immigrants, obtaining permanent residency is a primary objective. In this blog, we will dive into the necessary steps to obtain American Permanent Residency, also known as a Green Card, in the United States. This comprehensive guide will provide helpful information for those seeking to […]

Can a US Citizen sponsor a foreign family member?

US citizen sponsor: 3 minutes read There are several benefits that foriegn nationals enjoy when they go through naturalization and become US citizens. One of those benefits is that they can petition for family members that are living abroad as foriegn nationals. As a citizen of the United States, you may help a relative become […]

American Immigration Resumes Momentum as New US Citizenship Hits 15-year High

American immigration – 2 minutes read According to a new article by the New York Times, nearly one million immigrants became Americans in 2022 after the pandemic delayed the process and prevented hundreds of thousands of people from voting in the 2020 election. Notably, this foreign-born surge in American citizens highlights an important trend to […]