What is the difference between the EB-1 Visa and the EB-2 Visa?

What is the difference between the EB-1 Visa and the EB-2 Visa?

Difference EB1 and EB2: 3 minutes read

Both EB1 and EB2 are employment-based Visas. With either visa, you are permitted to reside and work inside the United States (US) while utilizing your outstanding knowledge or extraordinary ability (that is the reason here at Loigica® we call them talent visas).

They differ in some aspects, such as an EB2 Visa requires tentatively fewer documents and certifications than an EB1. However, we will explore that topic more in detail throughout the article. 

Information about EB1 and EB2 Visas 

This article could give you an idea of which immigration path is best for you to follow. Loigica will assist you in identifying the best option that fits your profile, and the required criteria for eligibility. Throughout this article, we divided the visas as A, B, and C, so they will be easier to identify. 

EB1 A stands for an extraordinary ability. 

EB1 B stands for an outstanding researcher or professor. 

EB1 C stands for a certain multinational manager or executive. 

EB2 A stands for an advanced degree. 

EB2 B stands for an exceptional ability. 

EB2 C stands for the National Interest Waiver. (This is commonly called EB2NIW) 

What is the required criteria in order to be eligible for an EB1 or EB2 Visa? 

The Criteria for an EB1 Visa 

(First Preference Visa) 

EB1 A - Extraordinary Ability 

To demonstrate extraordinary ability, you must show evidence of a major internationally-recognized award or at least three of 10 of the criteria listed below. 

EB1 B - Outstanding Researcher or Professor 

You must provide evidence for at least two of the criteria listed below: 

EB1 C - Multinational Manager or Executive 

The Criteria for an EB2 Visa 

(Second Preference Visa) 

EB2 A - Advanced Degree 

EB2 B - Exceptional Ability  

When applying for this visa, you need to show exceptional abilities in science, arts, or business (having a degree of expertise way above others). 

You must meet the requirements specified on the labor certification, and the criteria listed below. 

EB2 C - National Interest Waiver ( NIW ) 

This visa is for a candidate who: 

If you are considering Visas EB1 or EB2, contact our team of immigration attorneys, and together we will explore your options!

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