What are US National Interest Projects? | EB-2 Visa

What are us National Interest Projects | EB2 Visa: 3 minutes read A special type of immigration opportunity exists for foreign nationals who can directly contribute to National Interest projects here in the United States. But, what are these special projects, and how does someone qualify? Let’s explore how you can obtain the National Interest […]

Exploring your immigration options beyond the H-1B lottery

Last month, the H1B lottery program, organized annually by USCIS, concluded and awarded 85,000 H1B visas to foreign workers accepting job offers here in the United States. Because this is a competitive and popular visa program, there is a likelihood that many people applied for the H1B visa and were not selected. So, what options […]

Love is in the Air: K-1 Visas and Marriage Green Cards

Marriage Green Cards

Marriage Green Cards and K1 visas: 3 minutes read When it comes to immigrating to the United States, you may wonder “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Actually, if you’re interested in bringing your romantic partner, fiance, or spouse to the United States from another country–love matters a lot. There are special circumstances for […]